Studio31 at Harborfields Public Library gives access to podcasting, and audio recording by providing an inclusive space for Harborfields community members to express their unique voices. The Library offers state-of-the-art recording facilities and fosters a collaborative environment to create.

At this time, please call the Library to reserve a session in Studio31.

Reservations are accepted during open studio hours*:  

  • Mondays - Thursdays, 10:30 am - 8:30 pm 
  • Fridays and Saturdays from 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Sessions/reservations must be finished at least 30 minutes before the Library closes.

Harborfields cardholders are given priority when making a reservation.


Reserve the Studio to record:

  • Podcast
  • Oral History
  • Vocals & Music
  • Storytelling
  • School Projects

Available Equipment

  • Audio Mixing Board
  • Audio Editing Software (Audacity)
  • 4 Microphones
  • Bluetooth accessibility

Recording Studio Policy

  • A maximum of three individuals are permitted in the studio at any time. 
  • No food or uncovered drinks are permitted in the studio.  Drinks are to be kept away from the recording equipment.  
  • Any individual in the studio accepts full responsibility for the condition of the studio and equipment and agrees to pay the cost of any repair or replacement necessary due to their use of the space.
  • Creators are responsible for providing their own digital media storage. The library will not store creator content on library equipment for use between sessions. The library is not responsible for any lost or compromised content.
  • Equipment is not to be unplugged; a library staff member is to be contacted for assistance if an issue arises.
  • All applicable intellectual property laws, including all copyright laws, must be observed. Recording studio users are responsible for obtaining their own protections for intellectual property developed.
  • No obscene, violent, or inappropriate content may be recorded, edited, downloaded, or generated in any form. Violators will be banned from future use. 
  • The studio will close 30 minutes prior to the Library closing. Creators must leave the studio at that time. Creators should complete all work and save all created media prior to the recording studio’s closing time.

Library staff members will not provide one-on-one assistance during recording studio appointments. Proficiency in using computers and recording devices is expected to achieve results in undertaking studio activities.