Seed Library

How to get involved:

Harborfields Public Library cardholders may check out up to FIVE (5) packets of seeds per family per month throughout the season while supplies last. 

  1. Sign up at the Reference Desk. Please only take those seeds that you will grow.
  2. Plant your seeds. All our packets have detailed instructions, including timing and requirements. For seed sharing purposes it is very important to keep records of the plants you grow.
  3. Share your seeds. We encourage you to share seeds from plants you’ve grown for future generations. We will be happy to accept your most healthy open pollinated (not hybrid) seeds in the envelopes provided.

Helpful Links

2024: Plants Grown from Library Seeds

Seed Library Successes #1, photos of parsley, carrots, sugar snap peas, arugula


Seed Library Successes photos #2

Seed & Gardening Reads

Friends in the Garden

Think of building good plant communities when planning your garden.  Certain plants grown close together help each other. Don't forget about flowers and herbs: Umbelliferous Flowers (dill, fennel, cilantro) attract pollinators, and plant marigolds throughout your garden to deter pests and attract pollinators.