Snow Closing

Due to the impending storm, the Library will be closed on Saturday, January 29th. 

Museum Passes & Discount Vouchers

Please take note:

  • Each museum sets its own restrictions and you must comply with their rules. Some require that you reserve a specific time slot for your visit. Please direct any questions to the specific museum.
  • New York City now requires that visitors 12 and older show proof of a Covid-19 vaccination to enter museums.

List of Vouchers

Harborfields Library cardholders may purchase discount vouchers at the Circulation Desk. Prices and ticket availability are subject to change without notice.

American Museum of Natural History
*Timed Tickets Required
$10 each. Good for one general admission and one special exhibition, film, or live animal exhibition of visitor’s choosing.
Visit AMNH Health & Safety During COVID-19

Bronx Zoo
*Timed Tickets Required
$27.95 per voucher. After your purchase, call the zoo's reservation center to select your preferred visit date, provide the voucher serial number, and receive your time specific tickets via email from the zoo. Vouchers are valid for Bronx Zoo Admission or Holiday Lights tickets.
For more information, visit Bronx Zoo - Know Before You Go

Long Island Aquarium
*Timed Tickets Required
$23 each. Good for one general admission for all ages.
*Please note that the Indoor Exhibit, Bird Habitat, is closed for renovation.*

Museum Pass Brochure

Borrowing Guidelines

  • Museum passes are available to Harborfields Public Library cardholders who are over the age of 18 and in good standing.
  • Passes may be reserved up to 30 days in advance and are subject to availability.
  • Each pass has different guidelines, so be sure to read the admission policy and call or visit the museum website to learn more about exact opening times, holiday closing dates, and limitations.

Print on Demand Passes: A pass may be reserved up to 30 days in advance and can be printed from home or at the Library. The pass will only be valid on the “For Use ONLY on” date listed on your confirmation page.

Pick Up/Return Passes:

  • Pass may be reserved online up to 30 days in advance and can be picked up at the Circulation Desk.
  • Must be returned by 11 AM the day after your visit to avoid a $10 per day late fee.
  • You may return the pass via the book drop after hours. Lost passes will incur a $50 replacement fee.
  • Pick Up/Return passes are only available for pick up at the Library when the Library is OPEN. You may pick up your reserved pass the day before use after 3 PM.

Pass Pick Up:

  • Please call the Circulation Desk to confirm that the pass you have reserved has been returned by the previous patron.
  • You should be able to pick up your reserved museum pass at the Circulation Desk after 3 PM the day prior to use.
  • A Museum Pass User Agreement Form must be signed each time you borrow a Pick Up/Return Pass.
  • The adult Harborfields Library cardholder picking up the pass must have a valid Harborfields Library card and live at the same address as the person who made the reservation and will assume ALL RESPONSIBILITY for the pass and any incurred fees.

No-Shows & Last Minute Cancellations: If any museum pass has been reserved and cancelled within 2 days of the reservation or is not picked up, the patron will be credited with a no-show and you will not be permitted to make future museum pass reservations for 30 days. This is to prevent others from blocking dates they do not use. A 48-hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid being considered a no-show.

Return/Late Fees: A Pick Up/Return pass must be returned to the Circulation Desk BEFORE 11 AM or placed in the Book Drop Box BEFORE 9 AM the day after your visit, to avoid a $10 per day late fee. Be advised that unpaid fines will result in your museum pass privileges being suspended.

Library Material Fines: Free museum passes are available to Harborfields Public Library District residents who hold an adult Harborfields Public Library Card in good standing. If the Library cardholder has excessive Library material fines ($50 or more), they will not be permitted to reserve a pass until the fine has been paid. If excessive fines are accrued after a museum pass has been reserved, the patron will not be permitted to check out a pass until the fine has been paid. Any user who loses a pass will be charged a $50 replacement cost.

Monthly Limit: A maximum of nineteen (19) passes per family/address, per calendar month, may be borrowed, not to exceed more than one per day. Repeat visits to the same museum within the month are not permitted. To ensure fair distribution of passes, only one pass may be checked out to a Harborfields patron/family/address at any given time.

Library Responsibility Waiver: The Library is not responsible for museum entrance fees in the event that a Pick Up/Return Pass is lost or not returned on time for your use, for reservations made when the Library is scheduled to be CLOSED, or for any emergency closing. Please check the Library website for hours/holiday closings before you make a reservation.

User Agreement

  1. I assume all responsibility for the use of the Museum Pass I am picking up and any incurred fines.
  2. I have a valid Harborfields Public Library card in good standing, and understand that any fines accrued will be attached to my library card account.  Museum Passes must be returned in Book Drop by 9 am or to the Circulation Desk by 11 am the morning of their Return Date.  Late Fee - $10 per day / Lost Pass Fee - $50 / Lost Envelope Fee - $5. Unpaid fines will result in Museum Pass privileges being suspended.
  3. I understand that it is my responsibility to confirm with the museum specific admittance guidelines and privileges, hours of operation, or restrictions.
  4. The Library is not responsible for museum entrance fees in the event that a pass is lost or not returned on time for my use.
  5. The Library staff reserves the right to monitor usage to ensure fairness and access for the greatest number of patrons, and reserves the right to suspend my Museum Pass privileges.


By clicking “I ACCEPT,” you have read and agree to the terms outlined above.
Museum Pass User Agreement