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As the Broadway wing of our Library nears its 100th year anniversary, it is a perfect time to reflect on the important role this location has played in the history of our community. In 1923, the residents of Greenlawn committed to build the Greenlawn (Broadway) School. Newspaper articles and editorials published at the time show that the decision was not made without concerns. But on the dedication day, September 21st, 1924, William Hendrie the “Chairman of the School Board of Trustees” said, “Often in our daily work we are uncertain whether our work is of real value to ourselves or our families or to the community…In working to pay for a school we need never have such fears. Let us then take up the work of paying for our school not as if it were a burden fostered upon us nor even as if it were a duty that we must perform, but rather let us take it up gladly as an honor placed upon us. What greater honor could there be than to help erect a building in which minds and hearts will be trained to think and feel in such a way that those possessing them will grow up to be the highest possible type of citizens.”

Shortly after the Broadway School closed in 1976, the library, only six years old at the time, moved into the building. The sense of honor and pride felt by our predecessors when they built this building has only strengthened over time. Through the years our many services, programs, materials, meeting spaces and dedicated staff have built upon the initial mission of 1924 and established the Library’s place as the heart of a thriving community.
In 2023 the library was designated as a “Certified Sustainable Library” through the Sustainable Libraries Initiative’s award winning certification program. The certification process gave us a focus on how we could align our library’s core values and resources not to simply exist, but to thrive and continue our efforts at being environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically feasible leading our community for generations to come.
As the central place for community and civic engagement, we will continue to evolve to meet our community’s need for enrichment and growth through learning, innovation and opportunity in a safe and inclusive environment. We believe that we can continue our high standards of service and improve our building with an overall tax increase of 1.96%.

Ryan Athanas
Library Director

Linda Meglio
Library Assistant Director

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