Shackleton's Shipwreck

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Registration for this event will close on April 12, 2023 @ 7:00pm.
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Antarctica represented the last great adventure in the golden age of exploration during the early parts of the 20th century.  Three years after Robert Scott became the first to reach the South Pole, Ernest Shackleton launched a futile expedition to trek across the continent in 1914.  In this program Eco-Photo  Explorers will examine the story of this legendary journey, which was famously halted when the expedition ship Endurance became trapped in ice forcing the crew to survive the harsh Antarctica winter and subsist on meager rations for months on end in the frozen wilderness.  The inspiring effort of Shackleton himself to pilot a small boat through 800 miles of treacherous waters to find help and save his crew is the source of leaderships lessons that persist to this day.  And in an exciting new development, Eco-Photo Explorers will discuss the search for the recently discovered shipwreck, long lost below the ice of the Southern Ocean and, finally will take you to Antarctica on their own expedition.  Please register.


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