The health and well-being of our community is our top priority!

While in the building, a mask must be worn at all times.  Our complete policy can be found here: COVID-19 Procedures.

Budget Vote & Trustee Election

Letter From the Director

"The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library." - Albert Einstein

While it has been quite some time since we were simply a quiet building filled with books, 2020 impacted library services more than any other year in memory.  When we closed our doors due to the Governor’s executive order for COVID-19 in March 2020, we had to quickly change our mostly in-person service model to a completely virtual one.  Staff had to learn new technologies and new techniques in order to perform their jobs and engage the community.

Every single staff member was eager to help in any way they could.  Staff visited the building to take home items to process and books to mail out to homebound patrons.  Maintenance staff visited the building to help install sneeze guards, hand sanitizing stations, upgraded air-filters and new touchless restroom fixtures.  Our Program and Publicity staff kept our patrons informed on social media and published special newsletter editions highlighting our digital services.  Teen, Children’s and Adult staff began to find ways to host virtual programs via Zoom.  Each department in the library answered calls from patrons from home.  Our librarians started creating Storytime and craft making videos for our YouTube Channel.  All of this was happening during the uncertainty of the communicable nature of COVID-19.

When we re-opened our doors in July of 2020, we faced a new reality.  Social Distancing, mandated masks, sneeze guards, limited seating, curbside services, and virtual programming became the new-normal.

All of these changes, some of which will likely continue for the foreseeable future, were adapted to with a determination by our staff to do whatever needed to be done.  We continue to develop new services and new ways to virtually connect with the community.  It is an honor to work with such caring and devoted people.

Our proposed 2021-2022 operating budget will, for the second year in a row, reflect a 0% tax increase.  The Library Board of Trustees, Administration and staff are very much aware of the unprecedented events that have created hardships for our community.  Rest assured, the library will continue to meet the community’s needs – we are in this together.


Ryan Athanas
Library Director

Annual Meeting, Budget Vote & Trustee Election

The Annual Meeting of the Harborfields Public Library will be held on Tuesday, April 6 at 2:30 PM in the Library.

The Budget Vote and Trustee Election will be held immediately following from 3:00 - 9:00 PM.

Absentee Ballot Applications

Absentee ballot applications are available at the Harborfields Public Library Reference Desk and online.

A completed absentee ballot application must be received by March 30, 2021 if you would like a ballot mailed to you, the voter.

A completed absentee ballot application must be received by Monday, April 5, 2021 if you are dropping off your application at the library between 10 AM and 5 PM in the library’s Business Office and are receiving the ballot in person at the library from the Acting District Clerk.

Upon approval of the application, an absentee ballot will be issued. All absentee ballots must be received in official envelopes at the Library by 5 PM on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 in order to be counted. No e-mailed ballots will be accepted.

Trustee Election

In addition to the vote on the proposed operating budget, there will be an election for the position on the Library Board of Trustees presently held by David Clemens. This position has a five-year term of office, expiring on June 30th, 2026.

In order to run for election for this position, these procedures must be followed:
1. Candidates for the trustee positions must be residents of the Harborfields School District and may only be nominated by petition, which shall be directed to the Clerk of the School District.
2. Petitions must be signed by at least 85 qualified voters of the School District and shall state the residence of each signer, as well as the name and residence of the candidate.
3. The petition must describe the specific vacancy on the Library Board for which the candidate is seeking nomination, including the length of the term of office and the name of the last incumbent.
4. Each petition shall be filed with the Clerk of the School District no later than 5:00 PM on Monday, March 8, 2021. Forms for the petition may be obtained at the Harborfields Public Library Reference Desk.


Library Board of Trustees Candidate: David Clemens

In 1973, David Clemens and his wife Joan made Centerport their home. Since then, they have been active members of the community, and their children James and Janet are both graduates of Harborfields High School. For many years David served as Cubmaster of Pack 225 and Scoutmaster of Troop 32 in Greenlawn. He currently serves as a Trustee of the Centerport United Methodist Church, and is the Historian of the Centerport Yacht Club. David is a retired professional librarian and has also served as a Trustee for the Huntington Historical Society and the Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association. He is currently a Trustee of the Suffolk County Historical Society and Chairman of its Library Committee. He is looking for your support in continuing to be a member of the Harborfields Public Library Board of Trustees.