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Harborfields Seed Library

Many thanks to everyone who has shared their garden photos with us.  They are stunning!  Check out the Seed Library page as photos are updated regularly. 

Now is the time to think about saving seeds from your open-pollinated (not hybrid) healthiest plants.   Saving and sharing seeds will allow you and your neighbors to grow  plants that are ideally suited to our climate year after year. To learn more about it, check out the many seed-saving resources on our Page. 

South Huntington has graciously opened up their Cornell Cooperative Extension Class "The Art of Seed Saving" to members on September 15. Registration is free, easy (only name and email are required) and open to all.


Compost Pile


Fall is a great time to tune up your soil!  Plants take valuable nutrients from the soil as they grow.  When you have a compost pile you'll be able to add nutrients back into your garden to support healthy plant growth.  

Published by on September 08, 2021
Last Modified September 21, 2021