7 Day Plastic Free Challenge: April 23-29

The sheer volume of plastic the world produces is difficult to comprehend. Scientists say plastics cause harm throughout their life cycle, releasing toxins, polluting beaches and devastating to ocean life.  When China  stopped importing our plastic waste in 2018 and other countries quickly followed suit, U.S. recycling operations were left without a market. Consumers can play their part by restricting their use of single-use plastics and volunteering with local cleanups. 

The first step is to register your family for our 7 Day Plastic Free Challenge.  Not only will you be more mindful of your plastic waste, you'll be eligible to win a Kleen Kanteen insulated water bottle! The second step is to join others for the "Great Global Cleanup" this weekend with library staff on April 22 or community members on April 24 for the Greenlawn Earth Day Clean Up.

To better understand the issues, watch Plastic Wars by PBS Frontline on YouTube, check out Plastic Ocean, Story of Plastic and more at our Sustainablity Display this month.

Published by on April 18, 2022
Last Modified September 30, 2023